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4B Bags:


Type: Gussetted

Material: 3.0 Mil Polypropylene

Bag Size: 4″ X 3″ X 18″

Filter Type: B

Filter Size: 1.5″X1.5″

Filter Pore Size: 5 microns

Filter Hole: Style L


This bag is identical to bag Type 4-A and bag Type 4-T except that it has a larger Type A 5 micron filter able to be pre-sealed before sterilization without bursting.

 This is great for people who do not have a flow hood to work with. Simply fill, seal, sterilize and poke a hole through with a syringe for liquid culture or spore injection and tape over. This side-gusseted breathable bag gives a sturdy stand-up bag after filling and a strong bottom seal. We manufacture it with equipment we designed and with proprietary additives, Unicorn Bags are pliable at any temperature as well as after sterilization. The bag opening is designed for easy sealing and the bag’s bottom seal can withstand agitation.

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