This is a sample pack for Unicorn Brand bags. If youre new to Unicorn Bags, this is an excellent way to get an idea what they are about! Included in the 10 pack is:

2x: 14a 5-6lb .5 microns bags,

2x: XLSa 10-12lb .5 micron bags,

2x: XLSa BIODEGRADABLE 10-12lb .5 micron bags,

2x: 3t 5-6lb .2 micron spawn bags,

2x: 4a smaller sized bags .5 micron filter.   


This first ever offered sample pack is an awesome way to see what size and type best fits your needs without ordering an entire case from unicorn!


Free shipping to USA and everywhere covered by domestic flat rate shipping.

Unicorn Variety Pack - Free USA Shipping

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