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Locally Grown

Family Owned

"The first wealth is health." -Emerson 

-   ABOUT US  -

Majestic Mushrooms was officially founded in 2015 but the love for mushrooms goes way back. Our family has always embraced the health benefits and nutritional value of mushrooms. We hope to amplify the mushroom's important role in human health and as a tasty addition to any meal.


We are a small family run company located in Annville, PA. Growing our valued mushrooms organically right here on our homestead*. With community in mind, we seek to reach out and share our product with local markets, restaurants, and individuals.


We started with a focus on just our family's taste buds and health, but we have a compelling drive to spread the Majestic Mushroom and share it's delicious bounty.

*Our mushrooms are grown on locally sourced organic substrate, spawn, and cultures. No chemicals are ever used. All methods mirror organic certification.

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