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This listing is for Garden Giant (king stropharia/wine cap) Mushrooms on wood chips AKA Bunker Spawn. This is the most cost effective and fastest way to start a new bed year round as long as there isnt a heavy frost within a month of the foreseable future. Bunker spawn is raw, unprocessed/unpasterized wood chips in bulk that is ready to leap off into other woodchips. It is made naturally in an indoor area but as raw chips are used, they will most likely include bugs and worms etc. It is the cheapest way to make a new garden giant bed! I have lined my garden rows with spawn mixed with woodchips and it keeps weeds down, and helps the plants as well.  There are at least 10 pounds per bag and the price includes shipping. I have ten ready to ship now.


 **Depending on location, i may have to ship ups ground or usps parcel select instead of priority due to the weight and size of the bag. It's a big bag!**


This is by far the easiest way to get into growing mushrooms consistently. You simply call a local tree trimmer to drop of some raw hardwood chips (which many are happy to do) and mix with the spawn in a thick layer of woodchips and water regularly. The do best in bright, indirect light. They will continue to grow forever if you add more fresh woodchips and mix up the bed as needed. You can also trim the stem of the mushroom off after picking and shove in another pile of chips or mulch and it will spread throughout that as well. 

I also have listings for unicorn bags, plug spawn, drill bits and more! thanks! -Ryan


***Please be able to properly identify mushrooms before consuming, similar to knowing the difference in veggies & weeds as other mushrooms can sometime naturally outgrow the ones you're trying to grow!!***

Garden Giant (King Stropharia/wine cap) Mushroom "Bunker" Spawn. Super easy!

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