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This listing is for Garden Giant (king stropharia/wine cap) Mushrooms on organic oats. This can be used to innoculate more grain or sawdust to make spawn or to make a bed of wood chips. Sometimes grain can be a target for birds and bugs however.  There are over 6lbs per bag and the price includes shipping. I have several bags ready to ship but may get low and it would take 14 days to ship approx. I have ready to ship "bunker bags" listed as well. They are 10lb for the same price, you get more bang for your buck if you're just making a bed, the bunker spawn is perfect!


These mushrooms are best picked before the veil underneath tears, which helps keep bugs out of the mushroom when grown outdoors. 


 I also have listings for unicorn bags, plug spawn, drill bits and more! thanks! -Ryan

***Please be able to properly identify mushrooms before consuming, similar to knowing the difference in veggies & weeds as other mushrooms can sometime naturally outgrow the ones you're trying to grow!!***

Garden Giant (King Stropharia/wine cap) Mushroom Spawn

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